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How It Works

You want to bring your children here, but we don't have an opening right now?  That's okay!  You can easily put your child's name down on our waiting list and as soon as we have an opening, we will notify you usually through email.  

In August/September we do a big move throughout the building and that creates lots of new openings. But throughout the year openings happen for various reasons: children age out of a program, job loss, moving. Sometime, they find alternative childcare through family and friends, but whatever the reason... if you are on the waiting list, you will be notified as soon as an opening comes up in your child's age group. 

We can't always know how long it will take or when the opening will be, so if you find yourself no longer needing childcare, simply log back on to our waiting list and remove your child's name. Our goal is to keep an accurate list of who is still looking or wanting to enroll, so in July and in December we send out an email and delete anyone that does not respond.

If we have an opening for your child and you are unable to start right away but want the spot, arrangements can be made - depending on the amount of time - to save that spot.  You may be asked to pay for the spot or put up a non refundable retainment fee that would go toward your first weeks tuition.

We are NOT accepting babies on the waiting list at this time.  


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