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Breaking Ground

They received the last permit and will break ground starting Monday July 29! If all goes according to plan the steel will be done by August 15 and the building will be ready October 1st! I am currently taking enrollments and am offering my currently enrolled parents an incentive of $100.00 off their tuition for every family they refer to our center that begins in October to be received on the 6th week of the new enrollments attendance.

Incentive Program

With the new building, comes new enrollments. And we would like your help. We are having an "Opening Special" for all the enrolled parents. For the month of August, September and October if you recommend our center to someone and they enroll their child and begin in October and attend, you will get $100.00 off your account on the 6th week they attend.

We Are Expanding

I am so excited to announce that we will be expanding our after school and pre-school programs. I never saw myself as owning several different daycare locations because I feel that dividing my time between multiple centers is just a recipe for disaster, but a couple months ago things happened in my life that encouraged me to take the plunge and expand the business. I contacted my builder to see if this was even an option and within 6 weeks, he was closing on the land next door to us. One location! The new building will be on the corner lot to the west of our center and will have a total of seven usable rooms: Three large rooms for the after-school kids, two large classrooms for the presch

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