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This week has seen lots of progress. All the concrete work as been done and all walls are up and now painted. I also picked out the flooring. Some of you were concerned over the small flood that accumulated in our new west parking lot during the rain.. . We had an issue with where they wanted the flume to be and where I wanted it to be, so the plans were sent back to the city architect for a new design. The flume has now been built and will drain water out into the street. Next week they are grating the yard and then the fence will be moved to create a larger play area. My carpenter came last week and I picked out the materials for the new front lobby reception desk and the new cabinets

Parking Lot Poured at 4:00 a.m.

Many of you noticed our new parking lot was poured today. Not sure when I was the type of person to get so excited over concrete... maybe it was today. That or the fact that they have been telling me for weeks they were pouring it! They are finishing up sheet-rocking, mud and taping this week. Next week the painters will be there and my cabinet guy. The Brick wall is going up now and we have all the windows and the doors in. Its a beautiful sight to walk down the hall and see the trees across the street. I will be ordering toys in 2 weeks ... so ready to do that part! The security guys are finishing up the doors now and will be moving to the new building next week. The next big p

Toys In Every Basket

We have been at a complete stand still for 2 weeks with the building. They are waiting on inspections from the City of Yukon, but not only that... the rain has set us back by 2 weeks. Over the weekend, little thieves stole all our copper piping but security cameras will take care of that! It's frustrating to hurry up and wait... but this is normal I guess. Dr Doyle down the street is a friend of mine and he told me that inspections set him back two weeks too! This weekend or Monday the parking lot will be poured. They are suppose to get it ready on Thursday... but a little birdy told me it was going to rain. The bricks will be done as soon as they get my wall connecting the building up

Our West Wing

The brick and the Sheetrock is coming up this next week! They started bricking on Labor day! The parking lot should be poured this week, the heating and air will be done and hopefully and drainage system will be put in place. Soon the fence will be moved to the proper place and tomorrow, the security guys are coming! So exciting to watch it get closer to being done and I am a nervous wreck! I'm trying to buy classroom furniture and toys and have them delivered as soon as, but not before, I have a place to store them! Timing is everything! We have been working on the center, cleaning out rooms, packing up odds and ends, throwing away or giving away all things we won't be using to get re

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