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Open House for the Parents

Got news today that the fire panel will be put in on Tuesday... Fire inspection on Wed... and DHS comes back on Thursday morning for me to sign papers.... HOWEVER... only a crazy person would open up new classrooms on Halloween! (plus my teachers have boycotted that idea :) ) So It's pretty certain... (Unless and inspection goes awry...) that we will have occupancy for the new building on Nov 4th! So, we MAY have an open house on Friday Nov 1.... during your pick up time for you to come over and have a looksy and get acquainted on the policies we will have in place to enter and exit the new building. Our 6 year anniversary is on the 13th so what better gift to our center then to open our

The Final Stretch

We have been playing the waiting game for weeks! Waiting for OG&E has made us wait for our finals. OG&E took FOREVER to put in a meter! We've been working off of the generator for weeks, but TODAY I got electricity. Now I have to get my fire alarm installed, and they should be here this week and then we can get our final inspection, which is what DHS requires. DHS came on Monday and licensed the new building, but we have to wait for that final inspection to let kids in the classrooms. (Which are completely done....) So... we are still waiting. But we are in our final stretch!

What's left?

Just a quick update before I get too busy. The flooring is almost done... the sinks and bathrooms are done. The doors are being set tomorrow and the rest of the cabinets were delivered today. The fence is going up, the covered walk way is going up. The sod should be here on Friday. So much as been done. But so many little things are left to finish up! I have a lot of hard workers over there... all working on something. But I'm still waking up at 4 in the mornings worried that I have not bought enough toys!! 314 boxes people!!! We are still on track for a Tuesday move in date... I'm gearing up for 18 hour days and living on a junk food. DHS is still on track to come. Talk of an o

How many boxes are coming??

It's so close!!! My Job foreman tells me he isn't sleeping at night because he wakes up worried about the building. My builder told me today he was running away... Eric, my city inspector is waiting on a drawing. (he is always waiting on a drawing). My Heat & Air guys have been running in and out all day. My electrician was in and out all day. The guys started laying the tiles in the classroom and will be doing the carpet this week. My carpenter delivered teacher cabinets today and will be delivering my shelves and new desk later this week. I had the clean up crew trying to clean up around people working, I had yard guys outside trying to get the yard ready for grass. My fence guy

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