Our Covid Policy

If your child or anyone living in your child's home has COVID, no one from that household may come to the center until the infected person receives a negative test and no-one else is showing symptoms for 7 full days from date of exposure.  


If the enrolled student is the one that has covid, to return they must have a negative test or, wait the full 14 days. Remember the key word is to be SYMPTOM FREE.  


If they are exposed to someone directly that has covid, they must stay out 7 full time days, receive a negative test to return on the 8th day, other wise it is 14 full time days.  Test will not be accepted unless they are tested the full 7 days after exposure.


So remember:

  1. Exposure - out 7 days.  Neg test to return.  If you don't want to test... you are out 14 days and only return if symptom free.

  2. Diagnosed -  out 10 days may return with no symptoms and neg test.


Any staff or child that has received the vaccine does not have to quarantine, unless they show symptoms.

*Our center charges for the spot your child occupies, not attendance.  This means even if your child is not at the daycare, you still have to pay for that spot.  Tuition covers all costs to run a center.  Most things don't cost less if your child doesn't attend, therefore it is a fixed tuition rate.