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Our Covid Policy

CDC updated their policies!


If your child or anyone living in your child's home has COVID, Flu you are required to keep everyone home until the illness passes.  No one from that household may come to the center.  


Children with COVID should isolate for 10 days (Since they won't keep masks on), even if they are asymptomatic or their symptoms are resolving (without fever for 24 hours).


If they are exposed to someone directly that has covid, they must stay out 7 full time days and receive a negative test by a clinic to return on the 8th day, other wise it is 14 full time days.  A negative test will not be accepted unless they are tested the full 7 days after exposure.

If they live with someone with a positive case, they can not return until the person with covid is neg and then the child must have a neg test to return to the center. 


So remember:

  1.  Exposure - out 7 days.  If symptoms appear,  then out for 10 days and can return once symptom free.

  2.  Diagnosed -  out 10 days may return after day 10 with no symptoms.


*Our center charges for the spot your child occupies, not attendance.  The cost of running a center does not change if children are absent.

Staff have to miss 5 days from first symptom and then return to wear a mask for the other 5 days if they are symptom free. - CDC Guidelines

Staff that has been vaccinated do not have to quarantine unless they show symptoms.

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