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Shhh... We're learning.

Have you noticed the Library yet? It's off the lobby and has yellow walls and red book shelves! It has a small table, a rocking chair and a book check in/out station. It's not a big room, but using it as a library is a better use of space then a junk room. I have been working on it for about 2 months. My hope is that the kids can go there in small groups and enjoy some quiet learning time in a different atmosphere. I have a system to check the books in and out and we will allow the kids to come to the library and check in and out books to bring home for you to read to them, or them to read to you very soon. We will have a form for you to read before that will happen to ensure you know the importance of having them bring the books back. I have logged in around $10,000 dollars worth of books through the computer. We also have books on CD's and Tapes. And kids cartoon movies on DVD's too. We will always take donations, so please feel free to donate anything they might have outgrown.

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