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Life Adventures...

Two years ago I did a group interview trying to find caring and dependable teachers. Ms. Kylie and Ms. Jessica were in that group. They have been such an asset to our center over the last 2 and a half years. They have worked their booties off for me and for the kids. They clean, teach, doctor, decorate, discipline and love the children they are caring for. This month we will lose these two wonderful teachers. Ironically they were hired together and are moving on within just a few weeks of each other.

In my center I require the teachers to be able to work independently with self motivation and creativity. It's so hard to find teachers that plan and prepare and have things ready in a class to keep it moving forward every day.

I have been blessed and Spoiled to have had them work in my center. They have worked sick, stayed late, came in early and worked through lunches and driven from another town in the snow to be to work. They were flexible and dependable and worked crazy creativity into their classrooms every holiday season.

Ms. Jessica has been working while attending nursing school. She has requested few days off and rarely called in sick. She has taken a position at a Hospital in OKC that will help further her education and give her the experience she needs before she takes that walk across the stage to become and RN.

Ms Kylie has always been interested in Military, Criminal law, law enforcement, anything with rules and regulations. She has taken a job as a Bailiff where she will be able to watch a lot of that first hand and possibly go back to school to be a permanent part in the world of solving or preventing crimes.

We are sad because they are gone, but happy because they are following their dreams. We were lucky to have had them with us for the 2 1/2 years and wish them every happiness and success with their new Life adventures!

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