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Katie Returning to Work

It's been 1000 days since Katie has been at work... or it feels like it. We are thankful that Jessica handled the front desk and the daily staff schedules. That in itself is a full time job and Jessica did a great job while still having her classroom for 5 hours a day.

Katie would have come back sooner but needed to have surgery a few weeks ago and needed some extra time to heal. She is still not quite there, but I think she is ready to come back to work and I KNOW the staff & I are ready to have her back. Jessica wants to be in her own room, Teri Lee wants to stop answering the phone and the door. And the new staff want to know how to log onto the app! (Katie can always figure that stuff out).

She will return with her youngest in tow, and will have a little place for him tucked away at the front desk for a couple of months while we wait for a spot in the infant room to open.

Her hours might be a little different then before, not staying until 6:00 every night and maybe off a half of a day or so.

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