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We Are Expanding

I am so excited to announce that we will be expanding our after school and pre-school programs. I never saw myself as owning several different daycare locations because I feel that dividing my time between multiple centers is just a recipe for disaster, but a couple months ago things happened in my life that encouraged me to take the plunge and expand the business. I contacted my builder to see if this was even an option and within 6 weeks, he was closing on the land next door to us. One location!

The new building will be on the corner lot to the west of our center and will have a total of seven usable rooms: Three large rooms for the after-school kids, two large classrooms for the preschool kids, a library and a utility room. We will also have a "Snack Shack" that the after-school kids will run for the center.

Katie will have a private office in the old library and the Bumble Bee class will become a new three-year-old class, while the four year old’s move to the new building. Having a safe/storm room is a great convenience so few centers can provide...but with no windows... I have always hated using it as an everyday classroom, so it will not be used as one. It will be a movie room, rainy day room, assembly room, a lunch room... etc.

They are hoping to have the new building ready in 60 days. Per the city, the buildings will not connect but have a covered partial breeze-way between them so there should be minimal distractions for us while it is under construction.

To prepare for more students, we have already bought a new van (and 17 booster seats!) and will be buying another one when our enrollment warrants it. We have also expanded our van routes to include Mustang schools.

Hopefully we will be able to fill many of the open spots by Christmas, and we will be offering a referral incentive program for the currently enrolled families to help us get the word out and fill all these spots...

In the meantime.... If you have anything you would like to donate for the new classrooms, please let me know. We are still doing a BIG BOOK DRIVE starting August 1st.

The adventure begins...


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