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New Building Status

Many of you are commenting on how fast the new building is coming along. My builders work fast and furious! It is ahead of schedule! (Hope I didn't jinx myself). Tomorrow the walls on the inside should be up, as well as the sides of the building. And soon they will start bricking the front. They will connect the buildings soon with a brick wall and then they will create a hallway in our existing building that will lead outside. (That may get messy). I have carpet samples already and just trying to figure out what I want carpeted and what I don't. Next week they are pouring the parking lot! I will have 17 parking spaces over there and that will be where most of the employees will park. Once we can get the building dry, I will start ordering equipment for it. They are trying to have it done by Sept 15. But then I will need some time to set it up and get it licensed. Volunteers to put together toys and set up a classroom are welcome at that point :) but I'm a slave driver and I work fast.... I also tend to work until 4 in the morning... so for all you night owls... come on over! lol

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