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Our West Wing

The brick and the Sheetrock is coming up this next week! They started bricking on Labor day! The parking lot should be poured this week, the heating and air will be done and hopefully and drainage system will be put in place. Soon the fence will be moved to the proper place and tomorrow, the security guys are coming! So exciting to watch it get closer to being done and I am a nervous wreck!

I'm trying to buy classroom furniture and toys and have them delivered as soon as, but not before, I have a place to store them! Timing is everything!

We have been working on the center, cleaning out rooms, packing up odds and ends, throwing away or giving away all things we won't be using to get ready for the move. Even painting.... We are trying to make this as seamless as possible for everyone, but I think once they start on creating the hallway out to the building, things might get crazy.

We packed up the library, and are almost done getting that room ready for Katie's office. I am trying to remember all this chaos is only temporary!

With all this work, we still need to enroll lots of kids... so this is the perfect time to remind you of the incentive plan we are offering to our currently enrolled families: For the month of September and October if you recommend our center to someone and they enroll their child and begin in October and attend, you will get $100.00 off your account on the 6th week they attend.

Woot Woot! Saving money is always a great incentive!

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