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Toys In Every Basket

We have been at a complete stand still for 2 weeks with the building. They are waiting on inspections from the City of Yukon, but not only that... the rain has set us back by 2 weeks. Over the weekend, little thieves stole all our copper piping but security cameras will take care of that! It's frustrating to hurry up and wait... but this is normal I guess. Dr Doyle down the street is a friend of mine and he told me that inspections set him back two weeks too! This weekend or Monday the parking lot will be poured. They are suppose to get it ready on Thursday... but a little birdy told me it was going to rain. The bricks will be done as soon as they get my wall connecting the building up, and hopefully they we will be putting in windows and locking the doors soon! I'm ready for it to be "dry". We are adding to our security system, so we have had several guys in our ceilings and hunkered down by the doors. We are still trying to organize the chaos, even while decorating for the up coming holidays. Katie's office is coming along.. She is waiting for her computer and phone to be put in before she can officially use it! Drop by and have a look at what she's done! I have ordered the classroom furniture to be delivered on the first day we have possession and toys are now filling up every online shopping cart I can find! I love shopping for toys! I'm sad we are running behind, but in all honesty it was going too fast for me to keep up! I am thankful for the breathing room! It will be worth it once it's open! I am very excited for everyone to see it once it's done!

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