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Parking Lot Poured at 4:00 a.m.

Many of you noticed our new parking lot was poured today. Not sure when I was the type of person to get so excited over concrete... maybe it was today. That or the fact that they have been telling me for weeks they were pouring it! They are finishing up sheet-rocking, mud and taping this week. Next week the painters will be there and my cabinet guy. The Brick wall is going up now and we have all the windows and the doors in. Its a beautiful sight to walk down the hall and see the trees across the street. I will be ordering toys in 2 weeks ... so ready to do that part! The security guys are finishing up the doors now and will be moving to the new building next week. The next big project will be converting the hall into a HALL. We might do most of that on a weekend though so it doesn't disturb my families.... And we are creating a space for all those car seats! (Round of applause inserted here).

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