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Moving right along

This week has seen lots of progress. All the concrete work as been done and all walls are up and now painted. I also picked out the flooring. Some of you were concerned over the small flood that accumulated in our new west parking lot during the rain.. . We had an issue with where they wanted the flume to be and where I wanted it to be, so the plans were sent back to the city architect for a new design.

The flume has now been built and will drain water out into the street. Next week they are grating the yard and then the fence will be moved to create a larger play area. My carpenter came last week and I picked out the materials for the new front lobby reception desk and the new cabinets in the west building. He has already begun working on them, but they won't be put in for a couple of weeks.

Next week/weekend they will start tearing up our west hallway, putting up walls, moving doors, moving cabinets, adding an exit for the new building and adding a window in Katie's office. We also will create a fun space for the car-seats! I have all the toys in queue just waiting to check out. Lakeshore is delivering a ton on the 15th. I am only waiting for a place to store them before I order them. Estimated date of opening will be Oct 22-25. That is NOT set in stone, but that is what it is looking like.

Meanwhile, we are gearing up for Halloween as usual you might see cars up at the center even when we are closed on the weekends as my teachers are dedicated to the art of Halloween. We have a high standard, as many of you know... Well, that's all I have for now, but if you guys have any other questions, just drop by one of our offices and ask!

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