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How many boxes are coming??

It's so close!!! My Job foreman tells me he isn't sleeping at night because he wakes up worried about the building. My builder told me today he was running away... Eric, my city inspector is waiting on a drawing. (he is always waiting on a drawing). My Heat & Air guys have been running in and out all day. My electrician was in and out all day. The guys started laying the tiles in the classroom and will be doing the carpet this week. My carpenter delivered teacher cabinets today and will be delivering my shelves and new desk later this week. I had the clean up crew trying to clean up around people working, I had yard guys outside trying to get the yard ready for grass. My fence guy is waiting on OG&E to come run electric to the building, and my Heat and AIr guy is waiting on the fence guy so they can place the units behind a secure fence! It's like watching a dog chasing its tail! Meanwhile.... my security guys are waiting on everyone. It's crazy!!!!!

This weekend they start demo in the lobby to create the new hallway and will be working on that after the west building is done. They will work on the Snack Shack during the week I am moving things in also. PRIORITIES!

I have already ordered all my equipment, and today I ordered all my toys. 113 boxes are coming from Lakeshore, and 200 boxes are coming from Amazon. I still have to make a small trip to Target and I have a storage unit with stuff in it I have to go get ...... there is nothing left for me to do but hurry up and wait.

In the process of all of this, my computer has developed narcolepsy (or some fatal disease) and falls into a coma anytime I leave it alone for too long, so I had to order a new one and I have been transferring programs and files today after I did payroll.

DHS has a scheduled appointment with me to license the new building and if all goes well... the classrooms will be opened that week.

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