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What's left?

Just a quick update before I get too busy. The flooring is almost done... the sinks and bathrooms are done. The doors are being set tomorrow and the rest of the cabinets were delivered today. The fence is going up, the covered walk way is going up. The sod should be here on Friday. So much as been done. But so many little things are left to finish up! I have a lot of hard workers over there... all working on something. But I'm still waking up at 4 in the mornings worried that I have not bought enough toys!! 314 boxes people!!!

We are still on track for a Tuesday move in date... I'm gearing up for 18 hour days and living on a junk food. DHS is still on track to come. Talk of an open house has come up, but it has been so fast and furious that I don't think there will be time. I 'm hoping that DHS licenses it that day and we open it the next. The kids are ready... the teachers are ready. I am ready!

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