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Open House for the Parents

Got news today that the fire panel will be put in on Tuesday... Fire inspection on Wed... and DHS comes back on Thursday morning for me to sign papers.... HOWEVER... only a crazy person would open up new classrooms on Halloween! (plus my teachers have boycotted that idea :) ) So It's pretty certain... (Unless and inspection goes awry...) that we will have occupancy for the new building on Nov 4th! So, we MAY have an open house on Friday Nov 1.... during your pick up time for you to come over and have a looksy and get acquainted on the policies we will have in place to enter and exit the new building.

Our 6 year anniversary is on the 13th so what better gift to our center then to open our new classrooms! We have only have a few openings left ages 3 and up (and I am not just saying that... we literally have a few openings left to fill up the new rooms! So if you know anyone that needs childcare... now is the time!

I am expecting 24 more boxes of toys and then I will just tie up loose ends over there with decorating... but the rooms have been done since last Friday! We are so excited to share our new addition with you!

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