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Our New Van

Wth just happened?! Today...John, my Builder/landlord brought me this van! I was in complete and utter shock!

Like speechless,

couldn't concentrate,

couldn't sit still,

couldn't eat,

couldn't get work done,

kept getting up to look at it in the parking lot...SHOCK!

Back Story: About a month ago, John was at the daycare checking on things and asked why one of my after school rooms didn't have kids in it. I explained that I had just paid off a van and bought another one and I was going to wait until this summer to buy another van.


My cell phone rings... So of course I answer it.. I do not ignore calls from John!

Me: Hello?...

John: "Raven." He always says it like he's about to get onto me for something. "Will you be there in the next 30 minutes?

Me: Yeah? Why? (Mainly cause you never know what he is up to.)

John: Because I'm going to bring you something.

Me: "What? Is it eviction papers? Cause I don't want those!"

He laughs at me and tells me NO! So I tell him to come on by. I go about my business and frankly forget he's coming by cause that's how my brain works..... then he shows up while I am on the phone. I let him in and as I hang up my phone he hands me keys.

John: Here are the keys to your new van.

Me: Why do you have keys to my van?

John: ( he clarifies).... You're NEW van.

I stand up and look outside and sure enough... there is a brand new 2018 12 passenger van in my parking lot. I'm trying to figure out what I am suppose to do.. so I stammer and ask...

Me: That's a nice van! How much is it?

John: $20 K.

Me: How.... where ..... do I have papers to fill out?

John: Nope!

Me: How do I pay for it??? OH! Do you want me to tack it onto my payment?

John: No... Don't worry about. Just fill up that last after school room.

Wait..... WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!

THen he tells me that the title will come to me next week and to put it in my name or the business name or whatever I want to do..... cause it's already paid for. Oh and he tells me not to drive at anywhere until it has insurance! DUH!

WHAT????!?!!?!?!? JUST!!!!!!! HAPPENED!!!!!???!!?!?!?

This is the most sweetest, generous man I have ever met! I know that it helps that I have never missed a payment and that he knows I am a good investment... but still...... things like this don't happen to me! I am not a crier... so I did not cry... even if I wanted too. But I did hug him! I have never hugged him before so I bet he thought I had stepped outside of my mind! And I will pay this good deed forward!

SO........ now we have a 3rd van that will be our Mustang van! I can't wait to get it decaled up!

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