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No Phone Lines

February 21, 2017

So the guys out front cut my phone lines today. I notice it because our security alarm starts beeping every minute and I have no dial tone on any of 
our lines.

I Immediately get on the phone to att and make sure I DID pay my bill only to discover everything is fine on their end but I still don't have any service.

While on the phone with att I walk out to the city workers. Here was our conversation
lol .....

Me: you guys cut my phone lines!
They reply: no... no we didn't.
I rattle my cell phone that I'm currently on
Me: yes you did! I'm talking to att now.

They pick up a part of the phone line that's cut all up and frayed at the end an said: it's not marked!

I said: well we aren't growing random cables in Oklahoma! In was obviously my phone line! I can't have 100 kids here and no phone line! You calling someone to fix it? So att will be here on Friday between 8 and noon to fix it!

Meanwhile, I would like to know: just how long it takes to put in a new gas line??? It's going on 4 weeks and we are literally the distance of one block! All I can say is my sprinkler system better be working when all is said and done. Lol


UPDATE:  After AT&T fixed it.... those guys CUT IT AGAIN! lol


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