We are here to help our students with Yukon Continuous Learning

We will support our students and their families during this difficult time.  With our virtual Continuous learning support, you will not have to do it all in the evenings.  Please make sure your child can attend the 8:30 a.m. slot. We have incorporated this new program to go along with our after school program and will still meet your child's educational, social, physical and character developing needs.   We have three large classrooms with internet that can accommodate up to 20 students in each classroom.  Twelve of our students will be attending Mustang schools and will be gone during the day making each classroom even smaller. Our teachers will monitor your child's progress handle questions and make sure they stay on track. 

There is no room for negativity during this process. There will be trial and error on every side. Give school districts, yourself, and our staff full support without a complaining spirit. No one in our lifetime has experienced a time such as this. How we handle this today will determine our tomorrow. I will be sending a letter with instructions and details home on Thursday. Call with any questions! 

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