Child care isn't expensive... It's Priceless!


6 weeks to 13 months

$189.00 Per Week


13 months to 25 months

$179.00 Per Week 

Two year olds

25 Months to 3

$174.00 Per Week

Three year olds

$154.00 Per Week

Four year olds
$145.00 Per Week

School Age

$95.00 Per Week

School Age

145.00 Per Week

Drop In's
Daily rate $40.00
Due at drop off

Continuous Learning & Home School Enrollment

$145.00 per week  

DHS Accepted

Children must be in attendance 17 full times days a month (4 hours). You must swipe your card daily,  and swipe in for attendance.  All attendance not paid for lack of swiping in will be billed to you.

Parents are subject to all late fees and preschool fees.

Summer Program

Must have Completed Kindergarten to 12 years old


Ratio is 20 - 1

$145.00 per week

Due on Monday Morning at drop off.


*ONE TIME FEE OF $100.00 Due at enrollment for Summer Adventure fees & T-shirts,


Late fees for 2021

$3.00 per minute after 6 pm due at pick up.  Paid in cash to person in charge at closing.

Discounts for 2021
Teacher Discounts,
City Discount,

Ask about the Enrollment Discounts!